This report presents the findings from the final evaluation of the “Associazioni Migranti per il Co-sviluppo” (Migrants’ Associations for Co-development, or A.MI.CO.) Programme. The evaluation took place between May and July 2021, and it consisted of a review of project documents, interviews with 20 informants, an online questionnaire with 63 respondents and two focus group discussions with programme partners. Those reading this report should expect to find insights into not just the Programme’s many successes and achievements, but also some of the challenges it faced. In this regard, the main goal of this report is to provide guidance that can be relevant for those working to increase the participation of migrant and diaspora communities in international development efforts. The evaluation found the A.MI.CO. Programme to be relevant, effective, efficient, impactful and sustainable. Findings were positive overall, yet under specific criteria some challenges were also identified. These negatively affected implementation and, if addressed, could improve the Programme in the future.
AP’s staff Stefano Marinelli, Ylenia Rocchini and Bernardo Monzani conducted the final evaluation of the project.