AP supports the international NGO Search for Common Ground (SFCG) in conducting the final evaluation of its project, which was implemented in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. Through this initiative, SFCG has worked with around 45 civil society leaders in those countries, building their capacity for advocacy, providing them with networking opportunities and promoting the use of new technologies and social media. AP’s work focuses on the analysis of the relevance and effectiveness of the project in the three countries.

Evaluation is a fundamental component in all peacebuilding interventions, as it offers an opportunity for reflection and learning. Through evaluations, it is possible to increase the peacebuilding knowledge and best practices; and these can in turn lead to the achievement of greater impact, not just by the agency responsible for the specific initiative, but also for the sector as a whole.


The evaluation has identified several important achievements of the project, in all three countries, as well as some weaknesses. On the basis of these findings, AP has thus made several recommendations to SFCG in order to improve the project in the future. Specifically, AP has invited SFCG to: clarify the intervention’s theory of change, particularly in relation to the use of new technologies and advocacy activities; increase the resources for local partners; and engage more government representatives.


Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania