Media and Peacebuilding in Somalia

This report looks at the role that media plays and can play to support peacebuilding in Somalia as the country goes through a social and political transition of momentous importance. Somali media can promote the participation and inclusion of different people and communities, and thus contribute to changing the narrative around the country’s state-building processes. Yet, very little efforts have so far been made to focus on the specific role and capacities of Somali media. And because of this, very little is still known about the media sector.

This is the gap that the present research report wants to fill. The research engaged civil society representatives and young people across the country, who were invited to share how they perceive the media in relation to their country’s transition. The emerging picture is extremely interesting and timely.

The report was written by Hodan Ahmed, Bernardo Monzani and Mikhail Silvestro Sustersic. It was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA), under its Zivik funding programme.