AP works with various institutions and NGOs so that they can promote the participation of women to peacebuilding and security processes, and fight against gender-based violence in fragile and conflict-afflicted countries. Under this initiative, AP conducts research and analysis for NGOs and other institutions; engages in advocacy and awareness-raising, mainly through seminars with agencies working on this issues and through various types of publications; and supports actors who are directly engaged in peacebuilding processes.

Violence against women and gender inequality remain enormous problems all over the world, and particularly in fragile and conflict-afflicted countries or regions. In these contexts, women suffer especially, as feminine and masculine identities are often manipulated to justify the cycle of violence. Sustainable peace requires, however, a commitment on the part of all citizens, including for changes in how men and women relate to each other, as well as with their civil and political institutions.


AP has provided assistance to the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation in exploring a possible expansion of their activities in the Horn of Africa. This partnership included significant research and analysis on several themes, including women’s rights and participation, in eight East African countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda). AP then supported Kvinna till Kvinna in identifying priorities for their expansion. Currently, AP is using the research findings it has produced to increase awareness, among both policy-makers and the public, on the role that women play in those countries.


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