AP conducted the first report on Italy’s infrastructure and practices in the peacebuilding and conflict prevention domain, for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The study takes stock of the capabilities of Italian political institutions and non-governmental actors on peace and how they work,  particularly in conflict-affected areas.

Among the recommendations, we highlight:

  • To strengthen the Ministry supporto to NGOs working on the field;
  • To establish a fund within the Ministry for peacebuilding interventions;
  • To establish a task force dedicated to peacebuilding;
  • To start a working table between the Ministry and CSOs on peacebuilding;
  • To improve internal training on peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity among CSOs;
  • To devote renewed attention to the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus;
  • To implement the Civilian Peace Corps pilot program and conduct and independent evaluation on it.


AP’s team that worked on this report is composed by Bernardo Venturi and Stefano Marinelli.