AP’s associates supported the international NGO Conciliation Resources (CR) in conducting the mid-term evaluation of a project implemented in the Philippines. Through this initiative, CR worked with seven local organizations engaged in promoting the approval of the peace accords between the Filipino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in 2014. The project has build the capacities of local partners and helped them to coordinate a joint strategy in support of the accords. The work of AP associates has focused on the analysis of the project’s results and the elaboration of recommendations for the future.


Evaluation is a fundamental component in all peacebuilding interventions, as it offers an opportunity for reflection and learning. Through evaluations, it is possible to increase the peacebuilding knowledge and best practices; and these can in turn lead to the achievement of greater impact, not just by the agency responsible for the specific initiative, but also for the sector as a whole.


AP’s associates have authored an evaluation report based on an analysis of the project and interviews conducted with local partners in the Philippines and in CR staff members in London. The report identifies several positive results achieved by the projects, as well as some areas for improvement. The associates thus proposed several recommendations to increase the project’s impact and presented them to CR staff and donor officials, including the EU Delegation in Manila.


The Philippines


Bernardo Monzani, Bernardo Venturi