Every year AP organizes the Bologna Peacebuilding Forum, a key event on peacebuilding in Italy and Europe. The Forum has two main goals. Firstly, strengthening the network of peacebuilding scholars and practitioners to improve policy-oriented research and fieldwork. Secondly, opening up the peacebuilding domain to a wider audience.

Peace processes have complex dynamics. Peacebuilding practitioners have few opportunities to reflect on their work and share their expertise with fellow professionals or researchers. At the same time, scholars experience the same and opposite challenge. Indeed, they have a comprehensive view of the discipline and entertain exchanges with other fellow experts. Still, they often lack direct interaction with peacebuilding practitioners in the field.


The Bologna Peacebuilding Forum aims to bridge this gap by offering a space for dialogue between peacebuilding scholars and practitioners. Furthermore, the BPF strives to open up the discussion to a larger audience comprising foreign policy experts, civil society actors, and the public opinion. From 2019, the BPF has developed as a major annual gathering fostering open and constructive dialogue on key issues and challenges facing the discipline.


This year, the Forum will take place on 15, 16, 17 May 2024 and it will focus on “Peace mediation at a crossroads”.

Find out more about the current and past editions of the Bologna Peacebuilding Forum on its website: https://www.peacebuilding.eu/