Somalia Media Hub for Peacebuilding and Human Rights

March - December 2023

Somalia Media Hub for Peacebuilding and Human Rights


The Somalia Media Hub for Peacebuilding and Human Rights is a project being implemented by AP in partnership with  the Horn Afrik News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) and the support of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA).

The main goal of this one-of-a-kind project is to activate the capacities of a small group of Somali journalists, so that they can become active actors in local and national peacebuilding processes, while also contributing to a more positive narrative of the country’s transition from war to peace. Among other things, the project seeks to introduce a conflict sensitive approach in the journalists’ work. The ambition is then to create a media hub to share tools and methods to form local journalists and media representatives.

The planned activities will include an initial participatory assessment on the role of media in conflict and peace, the organisation of a training of trainers,  awareness-raising sessions with university students and community members, and the development of a  pilot media programme (in Somali) focused on peacebuilding. All of this acquired knowledge will be made available on a media hub online, in order to be used by other actors.


The project is expected to have several impacts by the end of 2023. First, a group of journalists will be trained on peacebuilding, which will influence how they cover stories focusing on Somalia’s transitioncyber, and lead to more stories being published that shed light on a positive narrative, including examples of peacebuilding processes that are being implemented across the country.

The project is expected to create a long-term safe place where journalists, representatives from civil society organisations and human rights activists can come together and work collaboratively. Lastly, by making project resources accessible on their websites, HANAHR and AP are aiming to create a model for developing much-needed peacebuilding activities that focus on media in Somalia.


Hodan Ahmed

Bernardo Monzani

Mikhail Sustersic