“Kujenga Amani: Building peace on the Swahili Coast”

“Kujenga Amani: Building peace on the Swahili Coast” is a project funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by a consortium of civil society organisations (CSOs) led by CEFA Onlus. The project’s vision is of an enhanced role for youth networks and grassroots organisations in mobilising young people living in selected coastal areas of Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania so that they can become agents of positive change within their communities. The project adopts a community-led approach that recognises that grassroots efforts are crucial for supporting lasting peace and the importance of empowering individuals, families, and community members to be stakeholders in peacebuilding efforts. The overall objective of the project is to have aware and mobilised young women and men living in target locations to act as peacebuilders and agents of positive change. The specific objective is for formal and informal youth networks and organisations to actively practice and disseminate learnings on building peace, preventing conflicts and promoting inclusion.