White Paper: Making Migration Work: an Analysis of Skills-based Mobility Schemes for Mediterranean Youth

This white paper aims to assess, analyse and compare a selection of existing youth mobility projects in the Mediterranean and distil lessons learned as well as recommendations to further facilitate mobility for learning and work purposes through skills-based circular migration.

The methodology employed in designing this white paper includes a comparative analysis of existing and past skills-based mobility schemes. It also draws on and complements the Y-med project evaluation conducted between January and June 2023.

The paper addresses the need for flexible labor migration policies in the European Union to better address demographic shifts and market demands. It emphasizes the importance of considering the developmental impacts on sending countries and promoting mutually beneficial schemes. The analysis also highlights limitations in scalability and local ownership of current programs. Finally, it suggests an improved approach to skills-based mobility schemes to strengthen the linkage between internships and employment and fostering stronger partnerships between public and private sectors.

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