Conflict Snapshot & Baseline Study of the project “Uchaguzi Bila Zogo”

Spring 2022

Conflict Snapshot & Baseline Study of the project “Uchaguzi Bila Zogo”


Spring 2022

AP conducted a Conflict Snapshot & Baseline Study in Zanzibar for the project “Uchaguzi Bila Zogo – Supporting Post-Election Dialogue and Reconciliation in Zanzibar” (October 2021 – April 2023) led by Search for Common Ground. The overall goal of this project was to strengthen inclusive post-election dialogue and reconciliation efforts in Zanzibar. This goal is supported by the project’s objective to improve the integration of high-level political actors into community-level post-election dialogue and reconciliation efforts as well as three expected results.


The key findings present the opportunities for collaboration and positive interaction between the national government and Zanzibari communities. 

The first finding shows a general need for more dialogue between policymakers and their communities. A second opportunity for more collaboration is represented by politicians sending positive messages, for example President Mwinyi’s invitation to have more dialogue at the grassroots level. Furthermore, vertical dialogue can be also supported by the use of technology, as it happens, for example, with the application Sema na Rais. In addition, the improvement of the justice system is another factor that has the potential to strengthen social cohesion and peaceful coexistence in Zanzibar. 

Another significant opportunity is represented by improving civic awareness among policy-makers, shehias and communities. Moreover, a crucial opportunity is played by the role that youth and women can play in dialogue with policy-makers. 

The final point represents opportunities related to cultural, religious and social aspects of Zanzibar that are not connected to recent dynamics. In fact, the data collected show that religion and culture play a key role in strengthening social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.


Bernardo Venturi

Hashim Pondeza