Italy and Peacebuilding

October 2021 – June 2022

Italy and Peacebuilding



The project “Italy and Peacebuilding, financed by the Italian MFA, took stock of the capabilities of Italian political institutions and non-governmental actors on peace and how they work,  particularly in conflict-affected areas. The project led to the publication of a dedicated report that was presented during the Bologna Peacebuilding Forum in May 2022. 

Among the recommendations, the report highlights:

  •     To strengthen the Ministry support to NGOs working in the field;
  •     To establish a fund within the Ministry for peacebuilding interventions;
  •     To establish a task force dedicated to peacebuilding;
  •     To start a working table between the Ministry and CSOs on peacebuilding;
  •     To improve internal training on peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity among CSOs;
  •     To devote renewed attention to the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus;
  •     To implement the Civilian Peace Corps pilot program and conduct and independent evaluation.


Bernardo Venturi

Stefano Marinelli