In May 2023 AP published the report “Italy and the Triple Nexus“, with the main objective of re-launching the exchange on the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (the Triple Nexus) between political institutions, specialised civil society and the research field to foster analytical skills, greater mutual understanding and the implementation of the same Nexus approach.

The first part of the study analyses the international context. First, it traces the state and evolution of international cooperation, and the affirmation of the Triple Nexus. Then, it analyses the critical turning points of the Triple Nexus that have emerged in recent years. The second part is dedicated to Italy. After framing the state of the Italy’s development cooperation system, the Triple Nexus is first presented in relation to how it has been discussed within the country’s institutional governance framework; the opportunities and challenges in implementing it are then presented and discussed. The study also provides recommendations for the next operational steps.

With the adoption of the Italian strategic guidelines on the Triple Nexus approaching, its implementation offers a unique opportunity for the Italian foreign policy and cooperation system to best apply the tools available to address the needs that affect areas of fragility around the world. Like other international actors who took fast action to outline the Nexus approach, Italy faces some challenges, but a full and tangible implementation of the approach can vastly improve the efficiency and impact of the Italian cooperation system.

The report was written by Bernardo Venturi and Mariachiara Giaccai, and it has been published with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The Report is available in Italian here.