Kujenga Amani: Building peace on the Swahili Coast

Kujenga Amani: Building peace on the Swahili Coast

April 2023 – March 2026


Along the Swahili Coast, natural disasters, permanent political conflicts and the economic crisis have caused deterioriating economic and social conditions. Against this backdrop, AP has become involved in the project ‘Kujenga Amani – Building peace on the Swahili Coast’. This project aims to empower and mobilise young women and men in the coastal areas of Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania as lead actors in peacebuilding and dialogue processes. The project hopes to integrate the contributions and role of young women and men in peacebuilding, and that this participation is accepted in local communities and institutions. 

With the help of stakeholders and local authorities, all the girls and boys involved in the project can take part in different scholastic activities and sports competitions, with sport and school being two environments in which peacekeeping and nonviolence can be discussed. 

Agency for Peacebuilding has coordinated and facilitated a conflict analysis of the Swahili coastal area in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. CEFA, has coordinated anthropological research in the entire target area. Further, AP has focused on facilitating specific training opportunities focusing on peacebuilding and conflict resolution. This training includes 12 participants (4 for each country) chosen by local partners. 

Further, the role of new and traditional media outlets as actors and mediums of change in promoting mutual understanding, tolerance, and dialogue amongst different cultures is emphasised throughout this project and aims to strengthen their role. AP will provide an analysis of the mainstream media utilised by youth, and together with CEFA, will start a specific training for 60 professionals in promoting nonviolence using an inclusive language. 

The project will continue until 2026, and will see community awareness events, inter-regional activities, involving local authorities and stakeholders, trainers and religious leaders, being facilitated with CEFA, Global Religion for Children Foundation (GRFC), Samba Sport, Muleide and Muslim Women for Advancement of Rights and Protection (MWARP).


Mikhail Silvestro Sustersic

Bernardo Monzani

Bernardo Venturi



Global Religions for Children Foundation,

Muslim Women for Advancement of Rights and Protection

Samba Sport Youth Agenda